"Selections from the series,
In My Courtyard"

Friday,Sep 6, 2013 - Saturday,Sep. 28, 2013

archival pigment prints, with Ann Giordano's signature

Copyright (c) Ann Giordano All Rights Reserved

In my courtyard were existing flora, in the form of plants and weeds, my favorites and the occasional visiting specimen that sometimes took root.  Dandelions shared the same earth as Dianthus, Nicotiana, Ivy, Azalea and Moonflowers.

I became interested in what landed in my courtyard and observed the struggle in growth.  The determination to survive, either after being uprooted or placed in competition with another plant, became my inspiration to make images, as it so closely resonated with my frequent moves, death of close friends, struggles with disease and watching the natural decay of both my Mother and Father.

Dandelions grow and are appreciated as survivors, rather than intruders.  Roses, Orchids and Gingko leaves become eternal after they have fallen to the ground.  The Moonflower, with its fragrant evening blossom, erupts from a closed pod, expands into a large white flower shaped like a full moon and wilts by morning, while the leaves remain.  These are some of the specimens from the series, In My Courtyard.

Since 2006 I have explored the concepts of survival, change, decay and death using plant imagery.  Each year I create camera-less images by various photographic contact processes using the specimen as the negative.  The paper is then exposed to ultraviolet light to produce a unique print. The Cyanotype chemistry is hand-coated on watercolor paper, while both Sun and Lumen Prints utilize pre-coated paper followed by experimentation in development and toning. 

Works on exhibit are archival pigment prints of the unique contact prints.


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