Photo exhibition by Satoru WATANABE 


Duration: Friday , 31st March - Saturday , 29th April 2023 

Copyright (c) Satoru Watanabe All Rights Reserved

In 2011, I had planned to study abroad for a year, but was forced to give up due to the earthquake.

All of my preparations for the next few years were scrapped, and "da.gasita" was created to fill the void.

Ten years later, the first printing of "da.gasita" was almost sold out, and I decided to print it again and hold a photo exhibition to accompany it. This time, 27 works will be exhibited, mainly those printed immediately after the shooting. The title "da.gasita" is a dialect word from Yonezawa City, Yamagata Prefecture, where he was born and raised, and is used when saying "I see.

Pronounced with a nasal sound, "n-da-gasita" reminds me of my childhood in Yonezawa.

Satoru Watanabe

Photography equipment: Rolleiflex 2.8E 80mmF2.8 / Tri X / Agfa MC111, Adox NC111

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