Photo exhibition by Junichi KOYATSU 

Afterimage - A walk in the trees -  

Duration: Friday , 2nd June - Saturday , 24th June 2023    

Copyright (c) Junichi Koyatsu All Rights Reserved

I like to take walks and often go to a nearby park. When I walk through the trees in the dim pre-dawn light, the light changes from moment to moment, and the scenery changes its expression one after another. The light changes from moment to moment and the scenery changes its expression one after another.

Whenever I come across a good scene, I take a picture of it with my 35m/m camera. I want to capture the scenes I see on my mere walks on film, and I am always looking for new ways to capture them. I take my 35m/m camera with me even when I go out for a walk for the sole purpose of taking pictures.

I develop the film and evaluate the "scene. Sometimes, the negative is printed and completed as a work of art, but more often than not, it is a large format photograph taken on the following day off. In most cases, I go out to photograph the scene on the next day off, carrying a large-format camera.

The scene seen the other day is imprinted in the mind as an "afterimage. Some afterimages are vivid, while others are blurred. In search of these afterimages, I walk along the path through the trees. In the silence of the twilight, I can hear birds chirping.
I have already decided where to stand. I set up my tripod, compose my shot, and wait for the moment. When the scene appears before me, I calculate the exposure and load the film. When the shutter of the camera is opened, the latent image is formed on the film by the afterimage that has been etched in the mind. The latent image then forms silver particles to visualize the afterimage.


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