Photo exhibition by Tomiyasu SHIRAIWA

Tomiyasu Shiraiwa , The World and I


Duration: Friday , 4st August - Saturday  , 26th August 2023 

Copyright (c) Tomiyasu Shiraiwa All Rights Reserved

I continue to make various attempts to create with my own hands what I wish to see and feel. My means of expression are painting, design, and photography. Making such works of art, though small in scale, somehow leads me to regain and realize a sense of myself that has been diluted in this real world dominated by things. I believe this is probably the case.
Tomiyasu SHIRAIWA (Photographer/Graphic Designer)

It has been 20 years since my father passed away. His works always and forever question us, the remaining family members, as to what we should be. I am this way, what about you? Twenty years later, I wonder what kind of person I will feel myself to be when I face my father's works again. I took this opportunity to think about it.
Saki SHIRAIWA (Graphic Designer)

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