Photo exhibition by Rina KATSUMI                      

Memory of Dawn

Duration: Wednesday , 6th October - Saturday  , 4th November 2023

Copyright (c) Rina Katsumi All Rights Reserved

I recently found a little scab on my first finger of my right hand. 

It must be from the day I was moving out this spring, while carrying boxes from the third floor to going down a narrow stairway. The only recollection of the room I am never going back was left on my finger. 

My pathway turns into the past, and now it is lying down like the big flat cloth. 

The little scab sometimes reflects the past within the back of my mind, and the world I have believed got questioned.

【Profile of the Artist 】 


-Born in 1995 in Tokyo
-Graduated from Department of Photography of NIHON UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF ART in 2018 Has been participated several independent exhibitions and group exhibitions during university days - Participated in a project called “ARTIST IN RESIDENCE at TSURUI AKAN” in Hokkaido
- Published a photobook “Scenery near by” from Gon-Nanado and A soshiki
- Memorial group exhibition of photobook publishment with Masanori HATA and Shizuo NAKANE(@gallery rakusui)
- Solo Exhibition『Predawn Memory』(@Gallery Tosei) in October, 2023  

★Photobook of Rina KATSUMI   『Scenery near by 』can find at Gallery Tosei   

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