Photo exhibition by Patrick Taberna  

Le vent dans le dos(Feel the wind on your back)

Duration: Wednesday , 8th November - Saturday  , 25th November 2023   

Copyright (c) Patrick Taberna All Rights Reserved

The Covid period is gradually drawing to a close, putting an end to the cycle of lockdowns, to the at times tense debates within the family, between friends and at work, etc.

Everything appears to be back to how it was. And yet our days are tinged with anxiety. We are slowly returning to our old ways.

My sense of freedom returns, and I take the opportunity to get back on the road with my camera to hand.

Off we go. To Belgium, Burgundy, Spain, Switzerland and the Basque Country, where we spend the summer with our family as usual.

The children are growing up, the elderly are getting older, and we are all moving forward together, with a gentle breeze behind us.
Patrick Taberna

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