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Photo exhibition by Teruo SEKIGUCHI  

El camino de Cuba (The roads in Cuba)

Duration: Wednesday , 10th January - Saturday  , 27th January 2024    

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Copyright (c) Teruo Sekiguchi All Rights Reserved

To talk about Cuba, we must talk about "the road".

The road = El camino, the road that goes on forever, where various lives, or rather, livelihoods exist.

This country, which has created its own socialist state between the two great powers, enjoys living with vigor and vitality while struggling against poverty.

Due to the constant shortage of electricity, sunlight has become a resource that surpasses all others, and when dusk falls, people cool off on the roads in front of their houses and enjoy playing games. Every main road is crowded with people waiting to hitchhike.

I wonder if there should be at least one such utopian country on earth where people enjoy the time they have to the fullest.


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