Photo exhibition by Morio KANAI  

 Souvenir 2 - Recollections of Déjà vu in Ireland -    

Duration: Friday , 2nd February - Saturday , 2nd March 2024

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Copyright (c) Morio Kanai All Rights Reserved

I have been aware of the socio-political issues in Ireland. However, I have got more interests towards Ireland after experiencing severe hand luggage security at British Museum in London.

Nontheless, I never had the chance to visit the country of Ireland by myself for a long time. In 2006 and 2009, I was invited trips to accompany by friends who have been into Ireland, and I was able to visit there twice. Although, Ireland has settled down peacefully, you can still see the spirit of an old era in many ways, if you pay close attention.

It is said there are the Fairies exist in Ireland. When you leave the city, I sense the presence of the Fairies. There should be the Fareies must be hiding in the scenery you see. The trees that you see as you pass by must be coexisting with the Fairies, nurturing them in secret. 


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