Photo exhibition by Hidemi SHINODA   

 Sing sing cosmos

Duration: Thursday , 2nd May - Saturday , 25th May 2024

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Copyright (c) Hidemi Shinoda All Rights Reserved

When I take pictures, I always want to show everyone the scene I am looking at.
When I take pictures of people, I want to show them a charm that even the person being photographed may not be aware of, and when I take pictures of scenery, I want to show them the miraculous brilliance that this one moment of light can show them. Either way, this moment will never come again. I find photography more interesting when I am able to capture something like this rather than when I am able to capture exactly what I expected.
The "photo of flowing light," which is the main work in this exhibition, is one of the products of surprise. At one point, what I saw on the film was the sensation I have always felt of traveling through space on the earth.

I developed this feeling during my days in Mexico, where I lived from the age of 8. Back then, we often traveled by car as a family. With my father driving, my mother in the passenger seat, and the three of us sisters sitting in the backseat, there was nothing scary about being in a completely unfamiliar place. I even thought it would be okay if the car turned into a spaceship and flew away into the sky.

I am not good at parting with things or people, but perhaps it is simply my regretful way of life that makes me take pictures that are difficult to leave and that are characterized by a band of light.

Anyway, I would be happy if you could enjoy this jewel-like world for me.


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