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Release Date: March 2010



Circles and Connections

When was it that I knew the Earth was a sphere? It is still so fascinating to me. A line meets other lines and draws a sphere. There is neither a starting point nor an ending point. Wherever I stand, I am on the tip of the Earth.

Beyond the horizon, where the land stretches out, there are invisible lines connecting to me. There are people on these invisible lines, and countless incidents that I can't know. When we see the scenery expanding in front of us we are not only looking at it with our eyes, but also with our experience of it. The land doesn't exist by itself. It exists with us, symbiotically. We cultivate, develop, and benefit from it, while it, in turn, shapes us.


When I started the project "Lines", I envisioned it as a book. I took excerpts from both the "Lines" and "Lines, Beyond" series to create this book. I expressly named it "Beyond" because I had a strong wish to treat the book as its own piece, rather than a summary of my prior works.

(Excerpts from the author's postscript)


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