Hidefumi KOIKE

"The Family Of Seto Inland Sea"

Pages: 80/ photos: 67
Size: 200×225×14mm / 500g
Price: 3,300JPY
Release Date: Janurary 2017


The Seto Inland Sea lies between the Japanese main islands of Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu.
Its calm water includes some 3000 islands, and mild climate and relaxed atmosphere are often referred to the Mediterranean Sea is designated as the Japan's first national park with its breathtaking beauty.

My wife was born and raised in a small island there.
Since we got married, visiting her hometown island during New Year's holidays and summer has become my family festivity.

Over the years of visits, I found out that the flow of time in the island is completely different from that of Tokyo. It was brought by people who live with seasons. The spirit and wisdom have been handed down from generation to generation.
The traditional lifestyle and a behavioral characteristic are well preserved in the island. And beyond a nostalgia, these would become a light to a new paradigm.

I placed a family as a motif which I believe has a circulation of time like seasons. Through the photos of my Tokyo-born children associating with Seto Inland Sea, I want to think again about "what is happiness" now.

This is the story behind my shooting of "The Family Of Seto Inland Sea"

(Excerpts from the author's afterword)


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